Professional Sample of Paraphrasing

Can a Sample of Paraphrasing Help You?

sample of paraphrasingParaphrasing is a task that many writers need to do on a regular basis. Students will want to paraphrase what other writers and researchers have said to include that information in their own papers, while online marketers will want to rewrite whole pages to be able to use them without issues with plagiarism. Paraphrasing is when you reword what has already been said using only your own unique phraseology without repeating any of the original, but while preserving the original meaning.

But paraphrasing is far harder than most people think it will be. Many will be unable to maintain the original meaning of the text and will either add their own interpretation or even miss things out. Others will rewrite poorly and not manage to avoid plagiarism with large amounts of text copied verbatim. Using a rewrite example however, can be a great way to educate yourself how to do your own rewriting. Don’t hesitate also to use this helpful info about essay writing style.

How Can You Use a Sample Paraphrase?

An example paraphrase is often a very simple way for you to understand how you should go about your own rewriting. Samples can show you what you should be doing and also what you will need to avoid if you are going to do it well. One thing that you must not do however is simply copy what others have done; this is plagiarism also and it could get you kicked off of your course.

Another thing to consider is how good is the rewrite example that you are looking at? Not every sample that you see online is a good example of paraphrasing. Just changing a few words or the order within a sentence is not paraphrasing. If you want to paraphrase you need to fully understand and then repeat the meaning in your own words, not just change words around.

How to Paraphrase Well

example paraphraseWhile samples can give you some great guidance you will need to consider just how you are going to do your own rewriting. Paraphrasing well takes practice and some careful thought and organization. The following tips will help you with your own paraphrasing:

  • Always start by understanding why you want to paraphrase and who your intended audience will be
  • Read and reread the original text until you are positive that you fully understand what it means
  • Make notes using your own words on all of the individual points being raised
  • Arrange those notes into a logical order for how you want to rewrite
  • Rewrite the text using only your own notes without referring back to the original
  • Compare the two texts and rewrite anything where you have inadvertently repeated the original text
  • Carefully proofread your text so that there are going to be no writing issues

We Can Provide You with Expert Paraphrasing

rewrite exampleNo matter how many samples you look at or how much help you receive you may still need help to actually get the work done. We provide specialized support for paraphrasing through experts that hold post graduate degrees within the fields in which they work. They know precisely how to paraphrase your writing without even a hint of plagiarism and to target the writing to your intended audience. All essay rewriting that we provide is tested for plagiarism and proofread before being delivered in your required format; all within the timeframe that you require.

So if you have looked at a sample of paraphrasing and would still like guaranteed help with your own just contact our experts here today for paraphrasing support that you can totally trust.