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Do I Need Support to Help Me to Paraphrase Online?

help with paraphrasingPlagiarism is copying other people’s ideas or words and using them as your own. As the University of Wisconsin Madison explains, it: “…takes this act of “intellectual burglary” very seriously and considers it to be a breach of academic integrity. Penalties are severe.”

If you ask someone to “paraphrase for me” or do your own rewriting you must ensure that what you use is totally unique and free from even a hint of plagiarism. Submitting work that could be seen as plagiarized could very quickly end your academic career; or even any other writing career.

But we often need to paraphrase within our writing. We do not want to simply quote every time we have to refer to what others have said. We will put their ideas into our own words either summarizing or paraphrasing what they have said depending on our reader’s needs. Even if we have done the paraphrasing well however we still need to give full credit to those that came up with the original information through a correctly formatted citation and reference.

Creating a good paraphrase is however far from easy. What tends to happen is that your will repeat many phrases from the original as they stick in your mind or because you are using the wrong methods for doing your rewriting. Other issues that you may encounter are that you will fail to faithfully reproduce the original meaning or you will even add your own ideas.

Because of this you may want to use our professional paraphrase service to help with all of your rewriting. We offer our services through highly qualified experts, many of which have worked for us for several years and have proven their abilities many times with our clients. We have helped students from more than 120 countries and we are confident that our help will fully meet your expectations.

Our Essay Paraphrasing Service Uses Only the Best Staff

essay rewriterThe help that we provide to you is going to be controlled very much by the quality of staff that we use. There are many services online that will use cheap labor that barely speaks English or will even use only software. The results from these services is on the whole unusable and you would certainly never use it for an audience.

We know that to “rewrite my essay” you need someone that is fully qualified to help you. Paraphrasing is not about simply changing words over for synonyms, changing the order of your sentences or other mechanical type processes. It is all about understanding the writing.

This is why we always provide you with the best staff for all of our services:

Work with the Best Essay Rewriter

Whether you need a whole paper rewritten for a new audience or a few lines to include in your dissertation our experts can help you. We will only provide you with an essay rewriter that is fully qualified with a postgraduate degree in the field of the source writing. This ensures that they will have the knowledge and understanding of what has been written to be able to rewrite it perfectly. All of our experts have excellent native English writing skills and will write in a way that will target your intended audience perfectly while totally avoiding any possible plagiarism.

Who Will Edit for Me?

Our editors and proofreaders are also fully qualified in the areas in which they provide our clients with support. This ensures that they fully understand the writing that they are working with and can provide you with highest quality of support. They will provide you with a fully marked up version of your writing with all of the various issues that they have identified highlighted along with their suggested changes. You have full control over what is implemented to ensure that your writing stays exactly as you want it. If you want alternative changes then just speak with your editor and they will offer you unlimited revisions on the service.

Friendly Support

Whether you want to inquire about what help we can offer you or are seeking to see exactly where your order is within the process our staff are here to help you. You can contact our friendly support staff through either the online chat and members area or even directly through the phone. All of our staff are knowledgeable and will make every effort to provide you with whatever help you require at any time night or day.

Do I Get Any Guarantees When You Paraphrase for Me?

paraphrasing serviceWorking with fully qualified and dedicated staff is not the only advantage that you get when working with our professional paraphrasing service. Our professional help with paraphrasing and summarizing is always delivered through a process that will ensure your full satisfaction.

We provide you with:

  • A rapid turnaround on our support: select the timeframe for your order right from the start and we will always guarantee to deliver to you on time even if you have a rush order.
  • Guaranteed originality: our experts have the skills to be able to fully avoid any possible claims of copying. We also provide every order with a free plagiarism report so that you can see that the writing is unique.
  • We avoid errors within the writing: we provide free proofreading on all of the different services that we offer so that there will be no writing errors.
  • Confidential: we do not share either your personal details or any of your writing. No one will ever know that you have used the help that we provide for you.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: we always work with you to get the best results and offer unlimited revisions. However, if we cannot fully satisfy you then we will refund your money.

When you need someone to “paraphrase for me” just get in touch with our highly skilled and professional rewriting services to work with staff that are dedicated to always achieving the best results for you.