How to Write Your Essay Like Dickens, Austen, Faulkner, and the BrontëS: 5 Steps

Are you looking for tips on essay writing style? If so, check out this post and find out how you can write your paper like one of the top writers of all time, including Austen, Brontes and Faulkner. Later, you will also learn about the most popular essay types. Don’t miss your chance as well and learn about our essay rewriter service.
essay writing style tips

Tips for Writing an Essay

  1. Choose a topic: Pick a topic if you’re not assigned one yet. Now if you’re given a topic, think of the type of paper to produce. For example, you may think of producing an overview or making an analysis. In general, you should narrow your focus when needed.
  2. If you’re not given a topic, then you have more to do. You should choose a topic that is relevant and interesting for you so that you can work on it easier than writing about another topic. Determine your purpose in writing: Is it to inform or persuade? Or is it to educate?
  3. Brainstorm your ideas and then prepare an outline. An outline will help in organizing your thoughts and ideas and deciding on your essay writing style to use. The structure will also be your essay’s foundation.
  4. Write the main topic or thesis statement. The thesis will tell the whole point of the essay. The first part of the thesis will state your topic and the second will state your essay’s point.
  5. Write the introduction, which should include a story, a quote, a dialogue or shocking information, which should relate or tie with your topic.
  6. Write the essay’s body, which describes, explains or argues your topic. Every paragraph of the body part will have a similar structure. You can start by writing one of the main ideas – being the introduction sentence. Then, explain it in the next sentences to support your main idea.
  7. Write the conclusion that will close the topic while summing up the ideas of your essay.
  8. Read your paper and edit it for the final touches. You should also look into the order of information you presented.
  9. Check your paper to see if it complies with your professor’s instructions.

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Popular Essay Types

  • Narratives: They’re most searched in the Philippines, US, Nigeria and Canada
  • Descriptive essays: They’re popular in the Philippines, South Africa and Nigeria.
  • Expository: They’re popular in Singapore, Philippines and Nigeria.
  • Persuasive: They’re popular in the US, Philippines and Canada.

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