FAQ on How to Rewrite My Essay

How quickly can you rewrite my essay?
When you make your order you will be prompted on the form to provide a timeframe within which you need your work completed. This can be as short as just 24 hours and we always ensure that we deliver your work on time.
Why would I need to know how to rewrite a sentence?
Many times when you write you will want to make reference to what another has written or said to support or provide background to your own writing. However you will not want to always just provide a quotation; after all the reader wants to hear what you say not just read a bunch of quotations. Therefore we paraphrase what the original said in our own very unique words.
How much does it cost to rephrase my sentence?
There are many free services for rewriting and paraphrasing online; however these services us software that is not going to do a good job at all. Software is unlikely to maintain the same meaning as the original text and will often choose incorrect words which will make the results read very poorly. Our services however provide quality rewording through some of the best qualified experts at a highly affordable and very competitive rate. Not only that ; we also provide you with discounts for repeat orders.
How do your paraphrasing services avoid plagiarism?
Essay revision or essay paraphrasing needs to be done without even a hint of copying if it is going to accepted as unique in its own right. Our experts take great care when rewriting to ensure that they do not copy any of the original wording. We also put every piece of writing through full plagiarism testing and will provide you with a comprehensive report to show that your writing is unique.
Are your staff qualified to do paper revision in my subject area?

Paraphrasing is in many ways like translation; it is about repeating the original meaning in your own words and that requires a full understanding of the subject. This is why we always provide our clients with one of our 200 highly qualified experts. Every sentence rewriter is:
  • PhD or Masters degree qualified in the field of the original text
  • Highly experienced at academic writing and paraphrasing
  • Fully understands all rules of paraphrasing and making citations
  • Is a native English speaker
What happens if I am not happy with how they have rewritten my essay?
Once your essay has been rewritten it will be provided to you as draft for you to review. If you feel that any changes are required then our expert will continue to work with you until all of those changes are made to your full satisfaction. We provide you with an unlimited number of revisions to ensure that your essay will be exactly as you want it.
What guarantees do I get when you do my paper revision?

Our paraphrasing services always aim to ensure that your essays are rewritten perfectly and will be completely unique. Our services provide you with the following guarantees as all times:
  • Guaranteed on time delivery
  • Guaranteed plagiarism free
  • Guaranteed error free
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

So if you are looking for someone to “rewrite my essay” or you have any additional questions about our professional rewriting services just contact our experts here today.