Excellent Essay Paraphrasing Example

Can a Paraphrasing Example Help You?

paraphrasing exampleParaphrasing is usually done with an aim of avoiding plagiarism or copying. We seek to repeat what was originally said but will only use unique wording that is very different from the original. We will do this for single sentences and paragraphs within academic writing rather than using a direct quotation, and also for rewriting whole articles online so that they can be used without any penalty due to copying.

Most people will fail in this however as they often change the original meaning either by omitting some of the points raised or even by adding their own opinions. While others will not avoid plagiarism as they will have inadvertently reused a proportion of the original writing. One thing that is often useful as help for students is to look at a paraphrasing sample. Examples are often the easiest way to get a good idea as to exactly how your own rewriting should be done.

How to Use a Paraphrase Sample

A paraphrasing sample can show you exactly how different the wording and the structure of your rewriting needs to be. It is not a simple process like that provided by text transformation software that just swaps some of the words for synonyms; usually poorly. It is about understanding the original and repeating the meaning, not simple text manipulation. A good example will show you just how different your rewriting needs to be to avoid issues with plagiarism.

Whatever you do however, never simply copy any paraphrased text that you find; copying a copy is still plagiarism. Nor should you just accept that an example is as good as it claims; review it carefully and critically; if nothing else it will help you to identify what is good and bad when paraphrasing.

How to Paraphrase Accurately Without Plagiarism

If you want to do your own paraphrasing then the following advice will help you with your own rewriting to ensure that it is accurate and also free of any form of copying:

  • Ensure that you are clear as to your specific reasons for paraphrasing such as targeting a different audience, making the writing simpler, or simply avoiding plagiarism.
  • Know who your audience is and what they expect from the rewritten text.
  • Read the original text until you are totally confident that you understand it fully.
  • Make notes in your own unique words of all of the individual points raised in the essay.
  • Organize those notes in a way that makes sense to you and will communicate well for your audience.
  • Rewrite using only those notes and without any referral to the original essay.
  • Compare the two essays side by side to ensure that you have not repeated any of the original phrasing.
  • Correct any issues until the new version is totally unique.
  • Proofread so that there are no writing errors in the new essay.

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